Citation received from Governor Larry Hogan​ 2015


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The Impact


​"Thank you thank you thank you... My heart is filled with joy and my eyes with tears, because just when I had given up ...the care package {Smile Box} came in right on time"

- AG

"I can't thank RJ Smiles enough for the coordination of the school supplies that were provided.

-Yenny Lucero, Prince George's Child Resource Center

I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.        ~ Maya Angelou

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission to create smiles, inspire hope and build dreams through acts of kindness. We understand that often it is a simple smile shared between two people that can make a difference in someones life. 

Life may completely turn us upside down and even sometimes change our direction, but this doesn't have to cause us to completely give up on our dreams. 

At RJ Smiles, Inc. our dream is to help individuals who have experienced a major life setback and are ready to rebuild and move forward. Our support is given in various ways. It may mean providing tickets for a family to attend an event, a "Welcome Home Bag" filled with goodies and necessities for someone moving into a home, or educational support to those trying to reach their educational goalsa class on job readiness.

We know that when we help one person achieve their dream, there is a ripple affect which allows them to help others do the same.

The Dream

The Mission

   The Smile

The smile that we share started with Richard (RJ) Jackson. Richard was a positive young man who enjoyed making others smile.  He believed that people should focus on living a life that made them and those around them happy.  And he believed that the first step in attaining this happiness was Having hope and going for your dreams.  

His legacy continues through RJ Smiles, Inc. as we work together to create smiles, inspire hope  and rebuild dreams.