Who We Are

Our AmazingTeam

RJ Smiles, is a small organization doing big work in the community.  We are able to do this because of our great volunteers and supporters.  Our volunteers include a wonderful, dedicated and talented Board of Directors. These individuals work tirelessly to create smiles, share happiness and inspire dreams.

Board of Directors:

 Margaret Jackson (Exec Dir), Teresa Simms, Jackie Ivey and Kevin Stafford 

 Our Founder - Margaret Jackson

When I lost my son Richard (RJ) Jackson in an accident in 2010 I had two options. One option was to fall into depression, wallow in self pity and spend a lifetime anguishing over the unfairness of such a tragedy.  The second option was to mourn, but at the same time celebrate Richard and the joy he brought to me and the people around him.

I chose to do the second. I turned my pain and loss into joy and hope for others, and RJ Smiles, Inc. was born. The name was chosen because Richard (RJ) was known for his genuine, infectious and contagious smile. When he smiled negatives were turned into positives. I was determined to continue this legacy and to help individuals dealing with negative situations or challenges, move forward in a positive manner. My goal is to bring smiles and inspire hope within others.  I personally know that you must have hope to move forward in any situation.

In addition to being the founder of RJ Smiles, I am an educator and speaker who works with women's groups focusing on managing grief, empowerment, conquering life's challenges and rediscovering your dreams.


Our Work

RJ Smiles is committed to helping foster happiness, hope and possibilities in the lives of others by working to spread smiles and support dreams in the community.  Throughout our lives we are sometimes confronted with things that cause us to pause and re-evaluate our plans. Our original dreams may no longer be possible. Our lives...our dreams must be revamped and given a second chance.  At RJ Smiles, our goal is to  help individuals who have had a major setback or loss, to smile, reclaim hope and rediscover their dreams. 

Our SMILE BOX/BAG give-a-way is one of our most popular activities and programs. These items are given to someone with the intention of supporting a need and or bringing a smile to their face.  What is in the box or bag varies, but is always guaranteed to bring about smiles. 

In addition to working with individuals, we also assist companies and organizations with their work in helping individuals get back on their feet, take the next steps and achieve their dreams.